The Disaster Risk Management Division (DRMD) in collaboration with a number of responder
agencies officially operationalised Emergency Operation Centres (EOCs) on Praslin and La
Digue on 6th and 7th December 2022 respectively.

The setting up of the EOCs on both islands will allow the Division to effectively coordinate multi-agency response during major disruptions.

The EOC on Praslin based at the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Service Agency (SFRSA) Station
on Eve island will also serve as the Regional Emergency Operation Centre (REOC) for both
islands. In the event of a serious disruption on either island, the REOC will linked with the
National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC), based at the DRMD headquarters at Mont

On La Digue, the EOC is based at the ex-courthouse and will be manned by officers of the
Police Force.

On both days of the launch, the Director General of DRMD, Robert Ernesta led the interactions
with the various agencies in attendance. He was accompanied by a number of key DRMD staff
as they met with stakeholders such as the Police Force, the SFRSA, the Landscape and Waste
Management Agency (LWMA), the Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA), the
Terrestrial Restoration Action Society of Seychelles (TRASS) on Praslin and on La Digue, the
Business Association.

During the interactions with the various agencies, way forward in regards to the contingency
plans for Fire Forests and Landslides on Praslin and Flood on La Digue were discussed.

Training is being planned for officers who will be the dedicated work station attendants in the
centres. The first training they will be provided with will be radio communications.
At the moment persons who will be engaged in the EOCs during emergencies will be doing so
on a volunteer basis.

For the meantime, the EOCs will be exclusively accessed by first responder agencies during
emergencies and other significant events. The public will have limited access in view that the
purpose of the centre will be for coordination of response between responder agencies.
During emergencies, the public will still need to channel their queries, requests and reports to
their respective district authorities who will in turn relay information when and as appropriate to
the officers in the EOC. The EOC will organise the release information to the public when this is
deemed appropriate and necessary.

In addition to the opening of the centres, the DRMD team and its stakeholders visited the
Landfills on both islands. Following the visit, it is expected that essential recommendations to
government in regards to the proper management of the Landfill will be provided in the very
near future.

On La Digue, the Business Association and other stakeholders initiated the creation of a
Disaster Risk Management Committee to identify areas of concerns and to provide their
recommendations to the DRMD and other relevant authorities periodically.