Post review meetings organised following the last major Providence Landfill Fire identified a number of shortcomings in regards to the coordination of response at the on-scene command post.

Communication, more specifically communication using radio or “walkie-talkie” was an important issue that was raised and the one which was being addressed through a recent training organised by the DRMD with the assistance of the Police Force.

Last week’s Radio Communication Training was a follow-up to the Incident Command Post training held mid-November which saw the participation of various ministries, department and agency (MDAs).

The three-day Introductory Radio Communication Training which took place on 29th November to 1st December was held at the Olympic House, Roche Caiman. It was facilitated by Assistant Superintendent Mike Monthy, assisted by DRMD staff.

Assistant Superintendent Monthy pointed out that the ability to keep constant communication using normal telecommunication services during an emergency may not always be consistent. Therefore, radio communication allows a strong and common approach amongst first responders.

Participants were first introduced to the theoretical aspects of radio communication and its importance in response during an emergencies or disastrous events.

The theoretical part of the session in the morning was followed by a stimulation exercise in the afternoon to provide participants the opportunity to use the radios. Additional training will be organised in future to boost the knowledge that the participants gained in these first series of training.