As scheduled from the prior meeting for the operationalisation of the La Gogue dam break emergency preparedness plan on January 24th,2023, The first working session, conducted on Friday the 27th of January 2023,

The session was attended by officials from the Public Utilities Corporation, the Disaster Risk Management Division, the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency, the Seychelles Public Transportation Corporation, and local government and community affairs, including district administrators from Glacis and Anse Etoile, as well as Perseverance.

It was agreed that a survey would be undertaken during the week of the 30th to verify the population size that could be affected based on a model developed by P.U.C and to assess feasibility of assembly points and propose alternatives if necessary.

A subsequent session is scheduled for the week of February 6th, 2023, to discuss the Emergency Operating Procedures that various entities will employ for the Emergency Preparedness Plan.