Disaster Risk Management Division in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs, held a two-day workshop on the 17th- 18th of April at the Savoy Resort & Spa, in attendance were all 27 District Administration offices, represented either by their DAs or Office Managers and other key stakeholders such as PUC, SFRSA, LWMA, Police Force, Health Care Agency, Red Cross, Ministry of Education etc.

The workshop was launched with remarks from the Minister for Internal Affairs, Mr Errol Fonseka, Principal Secretary for Local Government and Community Affairs, Mr Kevin Perine, and Director General of DRMD, Mr Robert Ernesta.

The primary objective of the workshop was to streamline the National Incident Command System, taking into consideration the challenges faced by various agencies in responding to emergencies and disasters and how each MDA’s plans could coordinate with one another.

As the workshop aimed to enhance communication, coordination, and collaboration among stakeholders so that Seychelles can be better prepared to respond to any crisis.