The Disaster Risk Management Division addressed several recommendations brought forth by the local government’s officials during the day-2 session of the District Contingency Plan workshop, today Wednesday 20th March 2024.

Following session 1 of the District Contingency Plan workshop held on Monday 18th March 2024, a list of recommendations and proposals were gathered for discussion by the DRMD such as the amendment of the District Contingency Plan to the District Emergency Response Plan.

Other key recommendations addressed were the need for additional support by DRMD and other responding agencies during site visits and the establishment of a District Disaster Committee by the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs.

The local government’s officials also recommended that the roles and responsibilities of the Incident Command System (ICS) be clarified to the first responders’ stakeholders and the members of the platinum level.

Lastly, through the collaboration of the Ministry of Local Government and the Community Affairs with DRMD, great emphasis was placed on the need for more educational awareness campaigns on disaster management and risk reduction in Seychelles.