The Disaster Risk Management Division attends the Asset Integrity Training workshop, facilitated by the Seychelles Petroleum Company Ltd (SEYPEC), hosted at SEYPEC headquarters on Monday 10th April 2024.

The training workshop targeted the Senior Level Management from various organisations, with the aim to provide participants with an understanding of asset integrity principles and their significance for safety within work environments.

The workshop was led by the Chief Executive Officer of Asset Integrity Engineering (AIE), Mr. Neil Flemming. Representatives of DRMD present were Ms. Vanesia Dodin, the Head of Disaster Risk Mitigation Unit and Ms. Annicka Chetty from the Planning and Preparedness Unit.

The workshop also highlighted the importance of integrity of assets within industries and workplace as a critical component in ensuring safety of the public and community.

Following the presentation, the participant shared their insights and experiences in regards to operational risks and hazards within their respective organisations through an interactive session. Whereby, Mr. Flemming gave an overview of the 10 Assets Integrity Management Elements.

Moreover, open-ended scenarios such as a collapse in the oil platforms known as the Piper Alpha and Rough Platform were used to review the necessity to implement prevention procedures, emergency response plans, crisis management initiatives and adherence to international and national regulated standards.