In partnership with the Ministry of Health, Seychelles Fire and Rescue Service Agency (SFRSA), Seychelles Police Force and the Department of Environment, the Disaster Risk Management Division hosted its 2nd press conference, this afternoon at the DRMD Headquarters, Mont Fleuri in regards to the suspected gas leakage in the Perseverance area.

The Press conference was led by the Chief Risk Management Officer, Mr. Daniel Cetoupe. Mr. Cetoupe clarified the works conducted to identify the possible source and cause of the suspected gas leakage and the course of action to be taken moving from a responsive to proactive approach to identifying the suspected gas leakage.

As safety measures in place, both Perseverance Primary and Secondary school will remain close tomorrow, Wednesday 10th April 2024, as well as the Seychelles Supreme Court while work is being conducted.

During this press conference, the public are advised to report to their nearest healthcare facility immediately after experiencing symptoms such as, headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, irritated skin, burning sensation in the eyes in the Perseverance area.

Mr. Jude Gedeon also explained that a team has been set up and will be monitoring the area throughout the night together with other stakeholders.

Mr. Cetoupe expressed its gratitude to the general public for their corporation and understanding during this period of time and elaborated on the importance to follow the recommendation provided by the respective authority.

Moreover, Mr. Cetoupe reassures the public that works will continue until the source of the suspected gas leakage is found.