On Friday 22 April, staff from the Disaster Risk Mitigation Unit of the Disaster Risk Management Division (DRMD) visited the site around Trois Freres peak where a geological washdown occurred a few weeks ago.

The senior officer who visited the location explained that what can be termed a “geological washdown” occurred as a result of heavy rainfall.

A substantial rush of water carried with it debris from a high point of the mountain leaving behind a trail of large rocks, stones, trees, branches, shrubs as well as soil.

In view that there was no immediate danger to the lives of inhabitants and to residential properties, the DRMD did not find it necessary to visit the site immediately after the incident occurred. There was also the high likelihood of the location being unstable posing a threat anyone visiting the site.

This natural phenomenon poses no immediate danger to inhabitants or to hikers going up Trois Freres as it is relatively isolated from usual human activities.

Photo Credits: Cliff Alissop