The meeting was held at the Central Police Station headquarters, Wednesday 10th April 2024, with Sergeant Jeanine Fred-Maria, the Health and Safety Officer and a registered nurse by profession of Seychelles Police Force.

According to the Disaster Risk Management Act 2014, Part II 4(1)(h), it is within the DRMD’s mandate to review and monitor plans of each governmental and private sector organisations conducted by the Planning and Preparedness Unit. Representatives present from the unit were, Mr. Henry Moustache, Risk Management Officer, and Inspector Pedro Edmond, the liaison police officer for DRMD.

Sergeant Maria-Fred conveyed the progress of the revision for the evacuation plan, the capacity building support required from other key stakeholders and the challenges faced in the development of the evacuation plan to the representatives from DRMD.

An agreement was made to address and overcome these challenges by DRMD supporting the Seychelles Police Force in finalising the evacuation plan for the Central Police Station and to a carry out risk assessments, including the review of evacuation plans for other police stations throughout Seychelles.

DRMD ACT 2014 Part II