As part of the work-based experience (WBE) program for post-secondary schools, the Disaster Risk Management Division welcomed four second-year students from the National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS) pursuing a Diploma in Social Work on Monday 22nd April 2024.

Over the one-month internship, the students were able to experience and understand the function of all four units under the Operation section of DRMD; Humanitarian Affairs, Recovery and Enforcement (HARE) unit, Planning and Preparedness (PP) unit, the Education, Research and Information (ERI) unit and the Disaster Risk Mitigation (DRM) unit through an induction programme.

Supervised by Ms. Nissa Beauchamp and Mr. Julio Charles from the HARE unit, the students were tasked to organise and present two case studies on the incidences regarding the unknown substances that have affected people in contact with it. Moreover, the students were presented the opportunity to explore the importance of physiological and psychological support of social workers in disaster and emergency management situations.

In partnership with the National Institute of Health for Social Studies, DRMD hope to build a more sustainable and resilient communities by articulating the importance of social workers in disaster and emergency management in Seychelles.

Pictured down below from left to right are Mr. Julio Charles from the HARE unit, Ms. Nary Sedgwick social worker student, Mr. Josh Bannane social worker student, Ms. Nissa Beauchamp Head of the HARE unit, Mr. Jason Jeremie social worker student, Ms Sherlaine Port-Louis social worker student and Mr. Daniel Cetoupe, the Chief Risk Management Officer.

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